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Salsa Trading Company - Opening The Door to New Architectural Elements

Sonoma, CA - Antique doors collected from old haciendas and missions throughout Mexico have long been a specialty of Salsa Trading Company, a one-of-a-kind home furnishings/lifestyle store located in Sonoma, California.

"We incorporate doors into our custom designed furniture and oftentimes into the design of new and remodeled homes," says Edna Hayes, who owns and operates the company with her husband, Bruce Needleman. These reclaimed doors have patina and character, however it may be somewhat impractical to seek them out for every design and construction project, according to Hayes. "It sometimes makes more sense to buy new doors for the structure and utilize antique doors for furnishings such as armoires, tables, accent pieces, and specific architectural elements," she says.

Salsa Trading Company has recently released their newest product: Salsa Doors. These hand-crafted reproductions of authentic old doors come in 43 styles, including entry doors, interior doors, interior/exterior doors, patio doors, and garage doors. The line also includes gates, windows, hardware, and nails.

The new doors are crafted so well that they impart a sense of the old, while they are extremely durable and can be ordered in custom sizes, according to Needleman. Hayes and Needleman have created a brochure featuring each of the styles available that can be viewed in the store or online at

The new line of Salsa doors complements the Hayes and Nedleman approach to designing home furnishings, interiors and outdoor living spaces, which incorporate 99% recycled woods. Salsa has been engaged in "green" practices for the past nineteen years - since long before the term was coined.

Salsa is committed to creating lifestyle products with character and the patina that evolves over time. Hayes and Needleman design furniture made from recycled woods with today's scale and practicality that fits their customers' personal needs.

They supports small family workshops that keep the tradition of hand-crafting fine hand furniture alive. The reclaimed woods found in Mexico are primarily pine, mesquite and rosewood. Salsa works with a family in India who cleans old rail road ties and gives them new life in the form of coffee tables and consoles. Driftwood from Indonesia has become a popular accent piece for contemporary settings, according to Hayes.

When working with clients on custom home projects Salsa is able to provide old wood beams and reclaimed wood for mantels and cabinets. Salsa has recently added a new "cocina" room with a traditional brick floor laid with sand sifted between each brick. Stunning kitchen islands can be customized to accommodate the individual's dimensions and functionality. Clients can order islands made with their choice of reclaimed wood, complemented by travertine or hammered copper worktops.

Hand-forged wrought iron pot racks display hammered copper pots and pans in the cocina. Earthy, functional and decorative lead free pottery made by three talented families in Mexico complements ranch-ware table settings made exclusively for Salsa. Potters utilize techniques passed down from generation to generation to create traditional designs.

Old world artists craft hand-painted hutches with landscape scenes. Salsa clients can commission hutches with paintings based on their specifications. "One of our clients recently commissioned our artists to paint a scene featuring her daughter's horse," said Hayes. "It is beautiful and they are delighted."

Custom bathroom vanities are among recent Salsa concepts. Customers can order reclaimed wood cabinets with copper, travertine and onyx stone sinks for kitchens and bathrooms. The trend is cabinetry that looks like furniture, according to Hayes.

Hayes and Needleman choose lighting fixtures for their elegance and timeless design. "We offer an impressive selection of iron and pewter chandeliers, hand-forged iron, antiqued tin, and modern onyx designed sconces with an organic feel," says Hayes, emphasizing that fixtures can be custom designed for specific spaces. "All of our furnishings including tables, chairs, armoires, and sofas can be custom ordered to incorporate materials hand-rubbed leathers, metals and stone, in addition to reclaimed doors and recycled woods,

Recent additions to Salsa's furniture line include thick chipped glass tabletops exposing earthy, gnarled cactus bases. "Customers with contemporary, as well as traditional houses are purchasing these tables, along with our new free form tables made from the tree trunks of Alamo, from the Yucatan. They are selling as fast as we can get them in," says Needleman. "Designers and realtors are using our more unusual pieces to stage high end homes . Quite often the buyer purchases both the home and the furniture."

"We are adamant about our design philosophy," adds Needleman. "Bigger is better. Less is more. Large furnishings with little clutter can make a small room appear larger. We believe in simplifying decor in order to create livable, timeless environments."

Salsa's new "cantina" adjacent to the "cocina", displays 10-foot old wood bars with hammered copper tops. An array of unique, custom iron and leather barstool designs are available to accommodate all countertop bar heights.

"Salsa out of doors" is being developed behind the store in an expansive area where covered patios are staged with such furnishings as travertine topped tables and sculptural fountains. "We are finding that our customers want to create outdoor living spaces that are just as inviting as those indoors," says Hayes. "We are seeing a trend towards less traditional landscaping, more sculpture, paving and container plantings; organic, manageable settings which are truly inviting and livable."

Designers frequently consult with Hayes and Needleman at the beginning of a remodel or new construction project. "It is a fantastic opportunity to actually design around some of the elements we incorporate in our pieces," says Needleman. "Our own house is a good example. We were able to design our doorways to fit old doors we reclaimed from haciendas throughout Mexico. It's much easier to work with these elements at the onset rather than to fit them in after construction."

Hayes and Needleman are involved in every aspect of operating Salsa Trading Company. She is in charge of design and production, while he is head of sales. They share the responsibility of sourcing craft people and unique products. Both previously enjoyed impressive corporate careers, which required continual travel. They were married in 1988, established Salsa Trading Company in 1989 - and have since created the Salsa lifestyle, which they live and love to share with others.

Salsa Trading Company is more than a store; it is an experience that highlights pieces in vignettes that introduce the customer to potential settings for their own homes. Salsa is located at 20490 Broadway at the junction of Hwy 12 and Napa Road, just minutes from Sonoma, Carneros and Napa Valley wineries. The store is open Monday through Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm; Sunday noon to 6 pm; and by appointment. Call 707-939-1710 to reach the Sonoma store. Visit for a visual tour.

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